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Tie::Table (formerly known as TableMap) is a lightweight Perl module which maps tables in DBI data sources into hashes. It supports foreign keys, so you can "walk" between tables by foreign keys. For example, $user->company_id->{address} gives the address of the user's company. It also caches the result.

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Recent releases

  •  24 May 2002 23:22

    Release Notes: This release avoids using undef-s (NULL-s) as a field value, and the cache performance is improved drastically by utilizing weak references.

    •  24 Oct 2001 08:44

      Release Notes: Name of the project changed from TableMap to Tie::Table. "insert or update" syntax implemented. "select1", "constraint1", "key", and "order" methods added. Documentation updates and many small bugfixes added.

      •  19 Oct 2000 23:49

        Release Notes: This release adds a small bugfix in the "invalidate_cache" method when called with [] param.


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