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Thot takes as input text in a wiki-like format and outputs results for different formats: HTML, Latex, DocBook, and PDF. Although delivered with only one input language (Dokuwiki format), Thot is very versatile and easy to extend. For example, the initial version allows you to embed a document description from different entities: source language, GraphViz DOT graphs, Latex math, etc.

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Request for participation 16 Nov 2013 10:33

Thot has started as an addon during my job: I can't put with Latex any more and Office-like software takes too much time to get what I expected. I fell in love with wiki approach that provide in the same time simple textual typing and easy to read markup. However, to be really powerful should integrate notations to textually describes figures, tables, etc like GraphViz, GnuPlot, etc. Moreover, I think that the style of markup is a matter of customization and, to be really usable, a documentation generation tool must supply a bunch of capabilities to let the user select exactly what he wants. Currently, Thot starts to be useful and I use it for the documentation of my software. It is not perfect and I hope I can make it evolving. What I'm looking for now is people to add new extensions as modules or theme for HTML output. Extensions may include syntaxes of common wiki (like Textile and other) but also integration of other tools generating content from textual. If you are interested, feel free to contact me: you will be welcome.

Recent releases

  •  15 Nov 2013 23:11

    Release Notes: GnuPlot integration. Many bugfixes for HTML and LaTeX output.

    •  20 Mar 2012 20:32

      Release Notes: Many bugfixes. Support for definition lists.

      Recent comments

      20 Mar 2012 20:30 casse

      New release 0.5 including a lot of bug fixes and add of Dokuwiki syntax for definition lists.


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