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THIS (This HTML Is Simple) is a content management system with blog capabilities. It features HTML templates, themes, and an extensible database design, with an emphasis on code/data separation, but it has many odd features and requires much manual maintenence.

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Site Down 18 May 2014 20:09

My site is down at the moment, until I get it fixed try this:

Recent releases

  •  18 May 2014 01:14

    Release Notes: This release has improvements to the new template code, the database API, the "rules" code, and the documentation. A third, non-template theme has been started. Smaller, faster, and better.

    •  06 May 2014 23:28

      Release Notes: This release has a new template algorithm that eliminates eval(), which will reduce code size and complexity (the eval() version still exists). It has a new INI data loading search path that enables upgrading an existing installation. It fixes the "comment preview" error.

      •  11 Apr 2014 17:01

        Release Notes: With this release, the code is architecturally complete. That is, the core design, the foundation, is complete and works well. A few more aspects are configurable and more flexible. The code has become smaller, clearer, cleaner, and more concise. Some confusing algorithms have been strengthened and are now fully documented.

        •  29 Mar 2014 14:54

          Release Notes: This release has a clearer and simpler HTML form handler, further reducing size and complexity.

          •  08 Mar 2014 07:08

            Release Notes: This release solidifies the architecture and the set-up code has been finished. Overall size and complexity has been reduced. The Admin code has been improved. Documentation has been improved. All known bugs have been fixed.

            Recent comments

            30 Mar 2014 14:40 andova_begarin

            This is just to document it somewhere... After every new release submission here, the archive is downloaded by BOTs -- I imagine it is not just this one but all Freecode hosted archives (or perhaps those in certain categories). It is easy to distinguish between human and bot, these bots just get the archive and make no other requests. The IP address is different each time. There is one repeated user agent, and one slightly varying user agent. It sure is weird.

            20 Mar 2014 03:23 andova_begarin

            The next release will have (the start of) a really cool thing: The comment HTML form will be "designable" by data, not by the code, which means that if someone wanted to add a FORM input, only some data would be changed, not the code.

            This is the start of a significant advance, which means that, ultimately, upgrading the code will not undo any modifications a user may have implemented.

            This is not plugin type stuff, but simply data -- INI/JSON/XML or whatever we decide to support -- will be all that is needed to customize the code.

            15 Mar 2014 22:00 andova_begarin

            Well, that was embarrassing. (As my daughter reminds from time to time, "Your PTSD is showing." sigh)

            But the debug code does have flaws in that applying it as an API - which is hosted here at Freecode as 'PHP Debug' - I forgot several important settings so the code does not work as documented. Mistake number one.

            In fixing all that, needing to call the function config() within the function debug() I accidentally typed it in as debug(). Mistake number two.

            Mistake number three was a missed dose of Lorazepam...

            (Why am I going into such detail? Here? I have no idea.)

            10 Aug 2013 18:36 andova_begarin

            Version 1.3.3 made a core data change that we no longer like! Therefore, there is going to be some code "un-winding". However, there are some improvements in 1.3.3, especially in Admin, that are really nice. So, we do not really want to recommend going back to 1.3.2.

            We will try to get this resolved soon.

            20 May 2013 14:25 andova_begarin

            "Um... There was a problem with the last release."
            "What? And why are you whispering?"
            "I hope nobody will hear us. There was a function missing in the testing module."
            "What! Who... Never mind. What did..."
            "I fixed it. And I just re-uploaded the archive."
            "Maybe no one will notice."
            "Yeah, right. Probably just got several more people thinking we are idiots!"


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