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The Harbour Project

Harbour is a free, cross-platform compiler for the Xbase language. It is designed to be as compatible with CA-Clipper as humanly possible. Harbour ships with full source and makefiles, and combined with one of many C compilers will create executables which run natively on the following platforms: Linux, FreeBSD, DOS, Windows 3.x/9x/NT/W2000, and OS/2.

Operating Systems

Recent releases

  •  19 Jan 2002 11:28

    Release Notes: Harbour now supports FreeBSD 4.4. Enhancements and bugfixes were added to index handlers, dbfntx and dbfcdx, sixnsx and rddads. Work on the Harbour GUI multiplatform Framework (HGF) has commenced. The class HBPersistent was added to RTL in order to provide Harbour object persistence.

    •  04 Jul 2001 15:29

      Release Notes: NTX support was fixed and improved. OOP was improved and fixed. The DOT prompt was enhanced with scripting engine. The HBMake utility was enhanced. A new HBZLib library is used to provide ZIP support in Harbour. COPY TO DELIMITED and COPY TO SDF were implemented. Support for the HB_TR_FLUSH environment variable was added. The Harbour License is now based on the license used for Guile 1.4. A HB_INKEY_EXTENDED keyboard input mode was added. ADS support is now more complete. The run-time preprocessing possibilities were extended with the TPreprocessor class. Debugger fixes were made such that it is really usable now. OLEDB and COM objects can now be accessed with the TOleAuto() class.

      •  12 Mar 2001 10:27

        Release Notes: This release includes NTX read and write support, experimental support for inline C code in certain circumstances, dot prompt and limited Harbour interpreter, improved support and fixes for ADS databases, improved stack handling, improved OOP, better Class(y) and TopClass compatibility, more work on MemoEdit(), improved TBrowse class, lots of improvements to the Harbour Debugger, and a new hbMake utility.

        •  07 Jun 2000 10:48

          Release Notes: Enhanced OO engine, Linux/Unix ncurses screen output and xterm mouse input support, simplified and enhanced base for multiplatform coding, language API, several other optimizations, enhancements and fixes

          •  10 Apr 2000 16:46

            Release Notes: Final cleanups have been done on global macro and symbol names, DISKSPACE() enhancements have been made, 10 character symbol support has been finalized, VAL() has been made fully compatible, the new functions HB_COMPILER(), HB_FSIZE(), HB_FTEMPNAME(), and HB_FTEMPCREATE() have been added, PP bug fixes have been made, more functions are now documented, handling of double/long number widths and decimals has been made completely CA-Cl*pper compatible, some new CA-Tools-compatible functions have been added, MEMO type support has been added, #pragma fixes and enhancements have been made, GT API selection is done now at link time instead of compile time, compiler and platform detection has been enhanced, multiplatform cleanups and fixes have been made, warning levels have been upped and warnings have been fixed, multiple source file support has been added to the Harbour command line, HBCLIP and RUNJAVA contribution dirs have been added, and new subtags have been added to HBDOC for better output.


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