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The Graph Template Library

GTL can be seen as an extension of the Standard Template Library STL to graphs and fundamental graph algorithms. It is a platform independent and extendible C++ library, and is a useful aid to any software designer. It contains the classes needed to work with graphs, nodes, and edges, and some fundamental algorithms as building blocks for more complex graph algorithms. Customized algorithms can be developed by experienced programmers.

Operating Systems

Recent releases

  •  25 Aug 2004 17:01

    Release Notes: A bugfix was made for the bidirectional Dijkstra algorithm, so the result should now be correct. The Visual Studio .NET project files were adjusted to the latest version of .NET.

    •  17 Mar 2003 14:28

      Release Notes: A new algorithm was added: Bidirectional Dijkstra's shortest path. A lot of bug fixes were made. The documentation was revised.

      •  13 Nov 2002 08:34

        Release Notes: The libtool versioning style is now used, and the Dijkstra's shortest path and Bellman Ford shortest path algorithms were added, along with a new variant of Maximal Flow. graph::load now creates nodes in the same order as they are in the gml file, and includes a 'preserve_ids' parameter for using the same IDs as in the gml file. There were also many bugfixes, and the documentation was adapted for Doxygen.

        •  20 Aug 2001 17:29

          Release Notes: The download policy for GTL has been changed. See the homepage for details. This is the first stable release. It contains a quick fix for a bug in graph::del_node, as well as a bug in graph::hide_node. The reallocation procedure in node_ and edge_maps was optimized.

          •  20 Aug 2001 17:19

            Release Notes: This release contains Visual C++ project files. Two partitioning algorithms were added. An algorithm for connected components was added. Methods to change the source or target of an edge were added. Some more assertions were added to check if the arguments to new_edge, del_edge, etc. are really elements of the graph.


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