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The Data Language

The Data Language (TDL) is an Interactive Data Language-compatible incremental compiler. Like Matlab, it is intended for scientific data processing and visualization. It has a FORTRAN-like syntax, supports objects, and has powerful array operations.

Operating Systems

Recent releases

  •  18 Oct 2005 09:57

    Release Notes: This version is much faster. The actual increase in speed depends upon several factors like program structure, called routines, processor, and compiler used, but up to 60% seems to not be unrealistic. Some new important subroutines were implemented, including CREATE_STRUCT, CONTOUR, LAGUERRE, and STRCMP. SYSTIME now has sub-millisecond resolution. For the FFT procedure, the FFTW library can (alternatively) be used, resulting in about double the execution speed.

    •  10 Jul 2005 19:49

      Release Notes: The new build option as a Python module allows embedding of TDL into Python (please see INSTALL and PYTHON.txt for details). Due to some changes in the internal data structures, the interpreter now works much faster (4-5 times). That is the interpreter itself; most programs spend the vast amount of time in library subroutines. Some bugs and memory leaks were fixed. The INTERPOLATE function and support for strided indices (array[start:end:stride]) were added. This release compiles with GCC 4.0.

      •  22 Apr 2005 15:11

        Release Notes: This release adds a z-buffer device, the .RUN command, several new routines, and important bugfixes. The new routines (overall there are now more than 250) are SPAWN, WAIT, FINITE, ROUTINE_INFO, TEMPORARY, DIST, and TVSCL.

        •  15 Feb 2005 10:20

          Release Notes: This version comes with lots of new subroutines (bringing the total to over 240), several improvements, and important bugfixes. The new routines were PLOTS, XYOUTS (both 2D only), OPLOT, REBIN, OBJ_CLASS, OBJ_ISA, N_TAGS, SWAP_ENDIAN, BYTSCL, BYTEORDER, SETENV, GETENV, STRUCT_ASSIGN, GETENV, STREGEX, and TAG_NAMES.

          •  24 Nov 2004 10:50

            Release Notes: This version is a further step towards running the NASA IDL Astronomers library. It adds a very efficient CONVOL function. HISTOGRAM and SHIFT are now supporting all keywords. JOURNAL is now fully supported, so that entire GDL sessions can be logged and replayed.


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