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TAO (The ACE ORB) is an advanced, CORBA-compliant, real-time Object Request Broker (ORB). It is designed to meet the stringent Quality of Service (QoS) requirements of real-time applications, resulting in superior end-to-end predictability, efficiency, and scalable performance. It implements the latest CORBA specifications from the OMG. It is built with components from the ADAPTIVE Communication Environment (ACE) C++ framework, resulting in a highly extensible architecture, adaptability to a wide variety of situations, and portability across a broad range of platforms. Although TAO was designed to meet the demanding requirements of real-time applications, it is also well-suited for general-purpose CORBA applications.

Operating Systems

Recent releases

  •  10 Dec 2009 20:27

    Release Notes: This release has improved support for AMI and AMH, wide characters, IPv6, and security. There are many interface repository bugfixes and Notification Service enhancements (monitoring and control). Further footprint reductions. Better control over RT CORBA dynamic thread lifetimes and thread-lane endpoints. Updated C++ language mapping support. A new ZIOP (compression) transport protocol. New ORB initialization options.

    •  23 Jun 2003 18:05

      Release Notes: This includes many new features and improvements over the previous commercially supported (1.2a) release, and has been extensively tested across a wide variety of platforms (over 11,000 tests run on 40 hardware/compiler combinations) to increase availability and stability.

      •  05 Mar 2002 23:25

        Release Notes: This release raises the OMG CORBA compliance level substantially (to 2.5). It now also includes RT CORBA 1.0, support for the portable interceptors, bi-directional GIOP/IIOP, interoperable naming services, dynamic anys, level 1 CORBA security, and more extensive platform support. For Government users, TAO provides level 8 DIICOE compliance.

        •  16 Aug 2001 19:57

          Release Notes: New platform support for 64r- bit HP-UX, Windows 2000, and Win98, additional CORBA services (notification, logging, and concurrency), support for scheduling service and load balancing, and support for pluggable protocols (enabling different transports with no application-level code changes).

          •  05 Oct 1999 21:22

            Release Notes: This is the first formal release.

            Recent comments

            06 May 2006 09:49 mcoon

            Good Product... Not Open Source
            I know, the license says gpl, but...

            The CORBA standard is a huge and useful universe of tools and functionality. All of which the ACE ORB (TAO) encompasses. And while there is online documentation and a list serve of users, the documentation is little more than a teaser and the support from the list serve is at best limited. In fact, many queries are directed to a commercial support site.

            When you realize that the developers are also pushing you to buy their $250 USD manual in order to figure out how to operate their little gem in the real world, it becomes obvious this is nothing more than a thinly descised commercial product.

            I thought long and hard about writing this review, but after using this product for more than a month, I have to say that I just can't recommend this product for inclusion in any products, GPL or commercial. The licensing for it is dishonest.

            There are plenty of other CORBA platforms out there: Orbit, Mico, etc., use one instead. I've been a C++ advocate for years, and have been surprised that more free C++ implementations of CORBA haven't materialized. Unfortunately, while this one appears to have the proper credentials, don't be fooled. It's commercial documentation prerequisites make it effectively a $400 USD solution in documentation + additional costs in commercial support.


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