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The Two-Layered GUI Toolkit

The Two-Layered GUI Toolkit is a library of GUI helper classes which is designed in a way to simplify development of separate interchangeable front-ends. For every supported dialog box type, there is a settings class (independent from a GUI toolkit) whose options can be used by one of the implementations for a specific GUI toolkit (bindings for Gtk#, WPF, and WinForms are provided, but custom ones can be added). That is, the dialog definition can be prepared by the application's core component and passed to the front-end, which uses it to instantiate the dialog box using whatever GUI toolkit it likes.

Operating Systems

Last announcement

Getting Started Tutorial 12 Apr 2013 22:37

Check out the wiki to read our new getting started tutorial! There two versions of the tutorial, one focusing on the direct GUI-specific access, while the other one concentrates on using settings objects. The tutorial can be found in the project wiki on the SourceForge project site.

Recent releases

  •  27 Jan 2013 20:14

    Release Notes: This first stable release contains some bugfixes over the last beta release.

    •  02 Jan 2013 18:09

      Release Notes: This release features some small fixes and two notable new features: Dialog boxes (message boxes, input boxes, etc.) can now have a headline text which should describe the purpose of the dialog box or message window in a short sentence, and the options on the wizard page with radio buttons can now alternatively be shown in a list box.

      •  18 Dec 2012 21:24

        Release Notes: The major novelties in this release are edit commands for input values. Each input value can now be enhanced with one or more commands which can invoke arbitrary dialogs or just assign pre-defined default values. The FileSystem namespace now also defines a directory selection dialog.

        •  24 Sep 2012 16:30

          Release Notes: The release contains some improvements and bugfixes, for example in the wizard framework. The flow view framework now uses double values instead of integers. The WPF binding has been partially reimplemented and brought to the same state of completion as the WinForms and the Gtk# bindings, and dialog contents panes in the WPF binding are now properly implemented as lookless templateable WPF controls. Moreover, starting with this release, the Two-Layered GUI Toolkit is also available on NuGet. Look for packages starting with TwoLayeredGUI.

          •  24 Oct 2011 17:58

            Release Notes: This version features an improved validation concept for input values. Validity of an input value can now depend on the other input values on the same InputPanel.


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