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The Sound of Sorting

The "Sound of Sorting" is a demo program containing many integer sorting algorithms. The algorithms are visualized in real time and augmented with sound effects, which are based on the values being compared. Animation speed and sound sustain can be customized while the algorithm is running. The visualization also highlights the algorithm's internal workings, which makes the demo program very useful for teaching sorting algorithms in an undergraduate computer science course. The program also counts the number of comparisons done by an algorithm, which can then be compared to the analytically derived value. The demo is implemented using the cross-platform toolkits wxWidgets and SDL, and can be executed on Windows, Linux, and Mac.

Operating Systems

Recent releases

  •  15 May 2014 19:10

    Release Notes: New sorting algorithms: Binary-Search Insertion Sort, Block Merge Sort (WikiSort), Cycle Sort, and Dual-Pivot Quick Sort. Displaying the current number of inversions and runs in an array. Microseconds delay on Win32 using QueryPerformanceCounter().

    •  26 Nov 2013 20:36

      Release Notes: New sorting algorithms: TimSort, StoogeSort, and Slowsort. Renaming an array from a to A for easier reading and matching to SoS-Cheatsheet. Fixes compilation with older compilers and on Mac OS X. Adds a random algorithm button.

      •  02 Jun 2013 14:26

        Release Notes: Initial public version.


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