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tgif is a vector-based drawing tool, with the additional benefit of being sort of a web-browser. That is, you can fetch drawings from a web server with it, and you can make objects in your picture into hotlinks to other parts of the drawing, or to other drawings accessible via HTTP.

Operating Systems

Recent releases

  •  23 May 2011 04:41

    Release Notes: A bug with pasting garbage characters from Windows under cygwin was fixed. A bug with double-byte characters or international characters when eglibc is used was fixed. Tgif.EnableTrueColorImages may be set to "true" only if tgif is compiled with zlib support. Starting with this version, if one has a TrueColor display, Tgif.EnableTrueColorImages is set to "true" by default. Support was added for a new built-in double-byte input method, tgchgb, to support the input of gb2312 encoded simplified Chinese characters using a graphical zhu-yin-fu-hao keypad (which would also accept pinyin directly).

    •  18 Nov 2009 18:11

      Release Notes: This release fixes bugs with parsing Tgif.AdditionalFonts, copying and pasting in cygwin, copying UTF-8 characters in cygwin, and positions of true color (i.e., ppm_true) objects not showing up correctly when Tgif.EnableTrueColorImages was set to "true". It adds InsertSymbol(), a very simple right-margin feature when entering text, and overlines for text objects.

      •  08 Oct 2009 21:47

        Release Notes: Bugs with rotated circles and c not working on Mac OS X were fixed.

        •  07 Oct 2009 04:03

          Release Notes: The ability to export in SVG format was added. A "configure" script was added for building tgif. "Structured splines" were added where cubic Bezier curves are used. All the colors on a TrueColor display are used for X11 pixmap and JPEG objects. For double-byte characters, copy and paste from UTF8 strings was enabled. A colorwheel can be used to choose colors. The Tangram Whiteboard feature was integrated into tgif on Linux machines.

          •  14 Jun 2006 01:19

            Release Notes: Fixes bugs with the create_arc_obj() internal command, measurements in the ruler window, "tgif -print -pdf", and copy and paste in Cygwin. Uses the X Selections mechanism to perform copy and paste. Adds support for linking to an external JPEG file to save file size. Adds support for Tgif.PSFontNeedCharSubs and Tgif.PSCharSubs.* so that some characters in the non-ASCII portion of a non-iso8859-1 font can be replaced by user-specified PostScript characters. Adds Tgif.DrawTextFuncKey_F# so that a function key can be associated with a list of internal commands in the text drawing mode.

            Recent comments

            01 Aug 2001 08:31 martinmv

            Support for Czech (ISO Latin 2) enviroment
            There ( are scripts and instructions for Czech (ISO Latin 2) enviroment - postscript printing, keyboard and fonts.

            03 Sep 2000 19:54 drizztdourden

            This is a very nice and easy to use program
            I find this program easy to use and very flexible with
            regards to import/export filters. It allows you to make a very flexible drawing with quick and easy integration into PDF files and documents in general...

            definitely recommended.


            18 Sep 1999 07:05 bakhtiar

            Simple yet useful drawing tool.
            I am very pleased with tgif. I knew this application since 1993. That time I used it to modify gnuplot graph output to be used in presentation. I also tried Xfig but lately I realised that tgif have better drawing capabilities and flexibility. With v4.1 I can use it as simple WYSIWYG word processor. It also can be used as simple slide show for presentation. Also with few addition in ~/.Xdefaults I can use Japanese characters. I would like to show to everybody the screenshot that I made when using tgif.

            file size 293,086 bytes.

            I used tgif to put Japanese texts and colored it individually. I also stretched a bit 'LINUX' strings to make it larger and page-width full. Then I print/export it to Postscript format for further printing and viewing. Background Mandelbrot Fractal Wallpaper is a produced using XaoS v3.0.

            Thanks for making this wonderful program.

            Mohammad Bahathir Hashim
            Kuala Lumpur,


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