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TextMaze is a small console-based game. It generates random mazes and allows you to traverse them using the arrow keys. Once you complete the maze you are given an uplifting congratulations.

Operating Systems

Recent releases

  •  01 Dec 2003 17:53

    Release Notes: This release presents you with a 'score' when you finish the maze, based on the size of the maze and how long it took you to finish.

    •  02 Jun 2003 14:06

      Release Notes: TextMaze has been converted to use Curses instead of Term::Cap and ANSI::Color. The config file format has changed somewhat, so you will need to remove or edit your old one.

      •  13 Nov 2001 22:40

        Release Notes: This release has a config file for setting the keys, maze colors, and some default behavior.

        •  06 Sep 2001 06:08

          Release Notes: TextMaze can now solve the mazes that it generates. It also has alternate vi style movement keys, so you can use it even if your terminal doesn't like the arrow keys. There is also some additional output when you finish the maze, including the amount of time that it took to generate and solve the maze (if applicable), and the number of moves you made.

          •  02 Sep 2001 22:39

            Release Notes: The ANSI color effects are easier to see the maze through, a more efficient dissolve mode, and dramatic increases in maze generation speed.

            Recent comments

            05 Jun 2003 06:43 kbaucom

            Re: Prior art :)
            Well, that is a maze, and it is in text, but I'm afraid the similarity ends there :) TextMaze actually began life as C++ code, used to debug an OpenGL maze program. I found the text version a lot more interesting than the graphical version.

            05 Jun 2003 06:25 kbaucom

            Re: textmaze
            I considered leaving in the old Term::Cap code so it would still work without curses, but a code cleanup is pretty pointless if you don't actually clean up the code :) Curses is a handy module to have around anyway. I'll think about adding a 'score', instead of just the raw number of moves.

            03 Jun 2003 19:56 gesslein

            TextMaze version 1.1 didn't work on my vanilla Unix system,
            because it requires the curses library for Perl.
            I love TextMaze version 1.0 because it will run on anything
            with Perl version 5.
            This is a well done program. It just needs to give the
            user a score of how well they did, based on the minimum
            number of moves to solve the maze.

            02 Jun 2003 07:41 sludge

            Prior art :)
            On Usenet.


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