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GNU TeXmacs is a free wysiwyw (what you see is what you want) editing platform with special features for scientists. The software aims to provide a unified and user friendly framework for editing structured documents with different types of content: text, mathematics, graphics, interactive content. TeXmacs can also be used as an interface to many external systems for computer algebra, numerical analysis, and statistics. New presentation styles can be written by the user and new features can be added to the editor using Scheme.

Operating Systems

Recent releases

  •  20 Dec 2013 23:39

    Release Notes: This version comes with a native PDF converter, several new tools for debugging, and support for marginal notes. More than sixty pending bugs were corrected and recovery from errors has been improved.

    •  04 Nov 2013 21:56

      Release Notes: In the new version, the user interface for document styles and packages has been simplified by allowing users to make more contextual customizations. An experimental native converter to PDF was also added, customization of macros has been made easier, and various micro-typographic improvements were integrated, including better typography for Chinese, Japanese, and Korean.

      •  24 Sep 2013 15:07

        Release Notes: This release comes with an improved presentation mode, more portable plug-ins, and a completely-rewritten Scilab plug-in. The LaTeX import and export filters have been further improved, and experimental support has been added for several graphical text effects.

        •  27 Mar 2013 21:31

          Release Notes: This release adds the ability to run plugins in a remote fashion over SSH. The detection of plugins has also been improved, as well as the LaTeX importation and exportation of meta-data. A thorough reorganization of the font system is ongoing.

          •  16 Feb 2013 18:13

            Release Notes: This release adds support for arbitrary zoom factors, fitting to the width of the screen, a special widget for user preferences, new tools for developers, and several minor improvements for conversions to and from LaTeX.

            Recent comments

            18 Feb 2013 08:27 vdhoeven

            > It does not run on linux slackware64-current (as did also version

            In principle, TeXmacs works under all Linux distributions. For technical questions or assistance for the installation, please use our mailing list

            17 Feb 2013 13:11 jmdr

            It does not run on linux slackware64-current (as did also version
            The window opens and then no action is possible in the program, it freezes, even impossible to close, unless I use xkill. After that some other programs get unusable (gftp segfaults), even after closing and launching X (need to reboot).

            29 Aug 2009 12:42 drnil

            Re: Port to (gasp) Windows?
            >It runs perfectly well on windows with cygwin with X-11 and is included as an
            >option in the cygwin installer.

            It RAN perfectly well on Windows, but... Unfortunately, any support for Windows appears to have ceased (not only native but also cygwin version), and my impression is that TeXmacs on Windows effectively can be considered dead. The best sign of this is perhaps the install instructions . It gives the catastrophic recommendation to install the "" package as the best method - after doing this your whole Cygwin installation will be irrepairably and thoroughly broken, and you could as well reformat your disk and reinstall. If you instead use the other suggestion to install from the Cygwin package, you receive an old (1.0.6) version with a broken PDF interface. (This is broken because it uses an outdated version of another Cygwin module.) The links to install instructions on point to non-existing pages. The instructions for installation says you MUST NOT install the ghostscript package (suppose I need this for other purposes?), and refers to a number of obsolete cygwin packages which must be installed, etc.

            I think TeXmacs is an absolutely wonderful program, but installation is such a hassle, and the Windows version seems to be very much out of favor, so I believe that TeXmacs for Windows now basically has reached its end of life. The most serious problem is that if you try to install TeXmacs on your machoine, with high probability, you risk breaking many other important programs. If you REALLY want to run TeXmacs under Windows, you had better run a separate Windows under VMware (but then you could as well run Linux where TeXmacs is much more stable).

            It is a pity on such a great program!

            01 Oct 2008 03:26 evokateur

            Re: Port to (gasp) Windows?
            It runs perfectly well on windows with cygwin with X-11 and is included as an option in the cygwin installer.

            > I love the plug-in capability to use

            > TeXmacs with Cycas and other CAS

            > utilities, as this fills neatly the void

            > of a GPL Math program that can be used

            > for both computation and presentation (a

            > huge time waster). However, as has yet

            > to be destablished, MS is the mainstay,

            > and a windows port would be FANTASTIC!

            > Any plans to do that?

            16 Aug 2008 15:55 vdhoeven

            Re: Project Website

            > I really like the look of the TexMacs' website. I was surprised to see that

            > the meta tag said it was generated in TexMacs, but saw in the FAQ that you do

            > export your TexMacs documents to generate the website. That's exciting

            > to me for making web pages with MathML. However, I noticed many errors when I

            > entered the website address in Might that

            > suggest that the export to HTML needs work?

            Sure, there may be some bugs. Any help in order to correct them would be helpful.

            Please suscribe to the developers mailing list (or contact me directly) for further discussion.


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