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teTeX is the de facto standard TeX distribution for a wide range of Unix-type operating systems, and serves as a building block for others. It's easy to install and customize. teTeX is not maintained anymore; instead, TeX users should migrate to TeXlive.

Operating Systems

Recent releases

  •  07 Feb 2005 09:44

    Release Notes: This release updated pdftex to 1.21a and fixed compilation bugs.

    •  07 Feb 2005 09:44

      Release Notes: This release added a new beta of pdftex 1.20c and fixed some compilation problems.

      •  07 Feb 2005 09:43

        Release Notes: This version included web2c 7.5.4, xdvik 22.84.8, dvipsk 5.95a, texinfo 4.8, pdfetex 1.21a (based on TeX-3.141592 and eTeX-2.2), and Omega The distributed tree is no longer mixed with cached runtime data or updated configuration files, which eases distribution management and updates. The texmf tree has been significantly updated with many updated and added packages, most notably LaTeX2e &2003/12/01&, ConTeXt version 2005.01.24, Latin Modern fonts, and the beamer and memoir packages. pdfetex is now the default engine used for most formats (including LaTeX).

        •  31 Jan 2005 15:04

          Release Notes: This release has new defaults for TEXMFCONFIG/TEXMFVAR which are now in the user's home directories, a new dvips, and a fixed xpdf.

          •  24 Jan 2005 11:48

            Release Notes: This release has new versions of dvips, pdftex, texconfig, and context, and numerous small changes.

            Recent comments

            26 Oct 2004 16:13 tetex

            Re: teTeX package
            dialog is included for texconfig to work. ncurses is needed for dialog. libwww used to be needed for the hyperlink features of xdvi.texinfo is needed for people who want to process their texinfo documentation.

            You may work on a system that has dialog, ncurses etc. already installed. This is not true for all systems that teTeX runs on. I want that teTeX is easy to install on such systems, too, without having to say: "install package abc first. Then, package xyz. etc".

            If you don't want to install e.g. texinfo that comes with teTeX, just

            configure --without-texinfo

            Shared libraries from the system can be used. A shared version of included libraries such as libkpathsea does not make much sense given the API of the library. Once this is improved, switching to --enable-shared by default will be reconsidered.

            uninstalling is very easy if you choose the default configuration: "rm -rf /usr/local/teTeX". Of course, I'd be happy to see a working uninstall target, but that's not a high priority for me at the moment.


            06 Aug 2003 07:03 martinschrder

            Re: out of date
            This was only a problem for the stable 1.x branch. If you need the latest bleeding edge you can always try the beta releases.

            And now with 2.x teTeX is up-to-date.

            06 Dec 2002 10:04 sigra

            Package error: extracts to directory with wrong version number
            The package "teTeX-1.0.7" is extracted into the
            directory "teTeX-1.0"! So if you install it and
            look at the directory later you will see the
            version 1.0 and you will find version 1.0.7
            availible for download. So you think that you
            have to upgrade. Very annoying.

            01 Jun 2002 19:49 bcrowell

            out of date
            The problem with teTeX is that it's out of date. While this may not be a problem for some of the decades-old software it includes, it is a problem for software that's being actively developed, pdftex in particular. If you want a version of pdftex that actually works, you need to use texLive rather than teTeX. Many of the LaTeX macro packages are also being worked on actively, so again, you're better off using teXLive.

            27 Jan 2002 07:04 dazk

            Re: teTeX package

            > I agree. I would say I am very
            > knowledgeable about Linux and how things
            > work. I've installed my entire system
            > from scratch (i use no distribution and
            > compile from source for everything).
            > Yet, I am struggling to get teTex 1.0.7
            > going.


            I wonder what happened. I just installed the package
            from source by following the INSTALL file. Everything
            compiled and everything seems to work perfectly. I
            compiled some documents I wrote before and had no

            Actually I agree, this is the best TeX distribution for
            UNIX, at least the best I know.


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