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Testitool is a Web-based application for QA test planning. It creates a test plan and populates it with test cases, maps test cases to functional requirements, instantiates a test plan, begins executing test cases and marks them as successful or failed, generates reports on your test plans, copies test plans and test cases, and tailors test plan instances by adding and removing test cases from them.


Recent releases

  •  06 Jun 2003 14:38

    Release Notes: In this release, the author certified testitool to work with the fully-revamped php_users Beta 1, updated the permissioning framework, reorganized the file structure a bit, updated the documentation, certified it with PHP 3.2.x, started updating all the source to PEAR coding conventions, and added CVS tags to the source code.

    •  12 Aug 2002 10:04

      Release Notes: This release is certified to work with PHP_Users alpha 7. loginbox.php was added to fragments/usermenu.php to make PHP_Users integration a little more obvious. The columns are now sortable and reverse sortable. There is the ability to copy test plan execution instances, more page titles were added, and there were many minor bugfixes.

      •  08 Aug 2002 05:20

        Release Notes: This release improves menus across site, and makes Testitool consistent with other Majordojo menus. The front door was slightly rearranged, a login box was added, along with a user menu, etc. The test plan page was rearranged to compress it a bit and make it cleaner, the test_case was renamed from "name" to "summary", 'steps to reproduce' was moved to test plan level, and a bug in the CSV export layer was fixed. Testitool nows ships with some sample data, and there are other minor bugfixes.

        •  07 Aug 2002 04:06

          Release Notes: It now checks properly to see if users are logged in. You can now add a bug immediately after failing a test case. A difficulty field was added to the test case. The size of the instance description field was changed, the Bugzilla integration SQL error was fixed, and some forgotten bread crumb trails were added. Minor bugfixes were also made, and some page titles were added.

          •  02 Aug 2002 06:02

            Release Notes: This version adds bread crumb trails to every page making it a little easier to navigate, applies minor bugfixes, adds a TestExecution class to, adds "Steps to Reproduce" to test table and makes it editable through the UI, and adds a 'type' field to test cases.

            Recent comments

            13 Oct 2003 19:29 chadrosen

            Interesting project..

            I've just released the first version of a test case management and execution tracking tool named TestLink. I built it internally and I thought I'd share it with the world.

            I think your product is interesting and I thought you might want to take at a similar one.



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