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Terraform allows you to create fractal terrain (also called a height field) and transform it using a number of algorithms. It is meant to be a tool for those who want to generate digital terrain models for use in raytracing or other simulations. Terraform features different views and colormaps and has a preview mode which features interactive real-time rotation of the terrain object. Terraform is written for the GNOME desktop environment.

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Recent releases

  •  09 Dec 2009 20:57

    Release Notes: After many years of inactivity, this project is finally active again; this is the first release based upon a refactored code base. Functionally, terraform is more or less the same as it was as of the last release in 2001. However, the source code has been modularized and updated so that it compiles and runs on an up-to-date GNOME and glade-3 installation. Hopefully, this will be the starting point of a new era of active development and functional improvements.

    •  26 Apr 2002 11:07

      Release Notes: This release featuers lots of interface fixes and cleanups, new Povray rendering architecture was added, a new river system was added, a terrain seed option was added, terraform now uses a local configuration directory, support was added for PPM and e00 files, the broken PGM ASCII reader was fixed, a new colormap (wasteland) was added, the object placement was improved to create more realistic placement, and there were lots of minor fixes and improvements.

      •  28 Jan 2002 14:01

        Release Notes: New features include a spherical map filter, fog parameters, more flexible POV rendering, improved tiling, object rescaling, tiling for 3D displays, the ability to remove individual objects. Code for a 3D native rendering framework was added. Selection-by-height fixes and erosion improvements were applied. terraform files now also save selection data. Themes and objects can now also be in the user's home directory. Lots of minor fixes and improvements were made.

        •  25 Dec 2001 04:23

          Release Notes: This release adds GUI code to handle POVRay errors, an erode flowmap dialog, frequency to the radial scale, minor interface cleanups, a rasterize filter and dialog, square faulting generation, support for *.bt, *.bna, *.dfx, and *.xyz files, terrain (average, variance, and skewness) statistics, and a terrain twist filter and dialog. It fixes bad default values in the tightness dialog, broken crater seed code, and terrain redraw/positioning problems. The dimension calculator is now more general and twice as fast. The erosion code has been modularized.

          •  28 Oct 2001 23:18

            Release Notes: This release adds a fractal join function and dialog, a digital filter, dimension calculator, faulting generation, terrain zooming (experimental), terrain cropping, terrain histogram code, a terrain info dialog, support for .ter (terragen) and .grd files, and command line options for all persistent parameters. There are several minor GUI fixes/improvements, and portability fixes. Updated French translations have been added.


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