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Termix is a DOS terminal-like console telnet client intended for calling telnet BBSes. It supports the standard IBM charset, true ANSI parsing, and DOS linefeed emulation. Zmodem support is planned for the future.


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  •  07 Dec 1999 19:52

    Release Notes: Initial announcement.

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    26 Jan 2000 14:56 sloop

    termix rocks!
    Termix is one of the best killer apps to come to the Linux platform. Nate Case is one of the best Linux software writers I know, and termix shows his fine craftsmanship through this perfectly-designed telnet client. Until now, there hasn't been any way for Linux users to enjoy the oldschool telnet BBS's that are now popping up on the internet. The default 'telnet' command sucks for ansi, and doesn't support z-modem. If you are a serious telnet user, termix is definately for you.


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