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Terminal Mixer

Terminal Mixer allows sharing the stdin/out/err of a process through a Unix socket, TCP, or raw ethernet (the latter only on Linux). It allows sharing a pseudo-terminal as well, for terminal-aware applications. The users can be allowed only to watch, or even to contribute. You can run your favourite 'vim' or 'bash' and access it remotely, even with multiple users using them.

Operating Systems

Recent releases

  •  28 Apr 2008 20:23

    Release Notes: Many bugfixes in the ethernet raw communication. Dirty terminal creation has been added: it doesn't depend anymore on being called from a terminal.

    •  08 Oct 2007 15:23

      Release Notes: A tm client in terminal mode allows "~~." to be used for closing the client. Debugging data may be dumped to /tmp/dump.txt using -D. xterm resize management was improved. Character passing in "terminal mode" (emacs and vim work perfectly) was improved. The nohup option works better, doing the same as coreutils' nohup does.

      •  26 Sep 2007 22:47

        Release Notes: Everything works but some control-characters for terminal applications. emacs may not working well for CtrlX-CtrlC on the Linux console, but should work pretty well in xterm. a reliable protocol for the raw ethernet transport still needs to be implemented.


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