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Template is a template system (application which is used to separate HTML and PHP code in Web applications). It supports a wide variety of functions to make a PHP developer's life easier.

Operating Systems

Recent releases

  •  10 Jul 2002 04:01

    Release Notes: Fixed major bug in the caching code, where two files with the same name became the same entry in the cache.

    •  09 Jul 2002 21:54

      Release Notes: Files weren't properly read from 'includedir' when includedir was changed to point to a directory other than './'.

      •  01 Jul 2002 17:10

        Release Notes: This release is complete rewrite from scratch. New features include caching of preparsed templates (saves CPU time), a wide variety of template 'instructions' (if/else/unless/while/until/each/loop/var/bind/set/include), performance enhancements, complete documentation, and bunch of new examples.

        •  09 Aug 2000 23:47

          Release Notes: Total compatibility with version 0.5, significant speed improvements (ccl tag), cosmetic changes, and a code cleanup.

          •  26 Jul 2000 16:51

            Release Notes: A few bugfixes, a new tag 'sct' to create sections inside 'std' and 'ccl', partial incompatibility with old release (you have to issue 2 subst commands in vim/sed to make your old .tmpl compatible), support for negated bool-variables, and a better example script.

            Recent comments

            22 May 2005 07:25 wayne

            Project dead ...
            This project is dead for a long time and I have no interest to revive it.

            If there's anyone interested in working on it, let me know (by replying to this comment, which will hopefully send me email).

            27 Mar 2000 02:13 wayne

            Template bug
            Oops, my friend found a bug in the parsing engine (version 0.3)...

            So, here ( is the diff ...

            (when or was the first string in template, this section wasn't parsed - damn strpos's return value)


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