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12 Apr 2003 14:03 bcrowell

I'm having a lot of fun with TEG -- thanks for creating it! The game seems pretty stable and usable, despite the 0.x version number. The robots play very well -- at least, they tend to beat me :-) My only suggestions for improvements would be (1) more documentation, and (2) more flexibility in the rules. One rule I'd like to be able to change is the random way the initial territories are assigned. It's much more fun to take turns claiming territories, as in Risk.

08 Jun 2001 11:48 Ne0T0r

Great game!
Ever since the first time I played Teg, I was hooked! This is a GREAT game that I monitor for updates regularly! Keep up the GREAT WORK!
(and if you like "risk" style games, GET THIS NOW! if you don't you'll REGRET IT FOREVER!)


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