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Ted is a text processor running under X on Unix/Linux systems, with the ability to edit rich text documents on Unix/Linux in a WYSIWYG way. It also converts RTF to PostScript and PDF. RTF files from Ted are fully compatible with MS Word.


Recent releases

  •  28 Jan 2005 09:35

    Release Notes: This release finishes the numbered lists. All tools have a 'Close' button now. The configurable resources mechanism now works without X11 for command line calls. There is preliminary support for 'shapes', the newer Word figures mechanism. There is support for the Euro sign if the font supports it. With some configuration, Ted can now use most fonts configured in GhostScript. It uses more CSS and fewer tables in HTML. Many annoying bugs were fixed.

    •  17 Apr 2004 20:27

      Release Notes: Very thorough testing was done, which resulted in many bugfixes. Many fixes were made to support Central European and Greek text. The ability to integrate with GhostScript fonts was added. fonts can be embedded in a printout. More translations were made.

      •  04 Apr 2003 16:51

        Release Notes: This release adds initial support for Macintosh pict images, Table Headers, and a fix for a bug in image rendering on 256 color screens, Tabs in page headers/footers are finally saved in such a way that they are picked up by MS Word 2000.

        •  09 Mar 2003 15:35

          Release Notes: There are options for making much more compact PostScript when a document is printed. Support for smallcaps has been added. The pdfmarks have been updated to a version that more recent versions of acroread support. The print dialog is usable when there is a huge number of printers. A partial implementation of rowspan/colspan of table cells has been added.

          •  06 Dec 2002 01:29

            Release Notes: The GTK version is now more mature and even usable. The source was adapted to GTK 2.0. Solid shading of paragraphs and table cells, colored table cell borders, and text colors are now possible. The GTK version uses X11 resources for configuration, like the Motif version.

            Recent comments

            23 Jun 2004 05:22 nam1000

            Ted and GTK2
            I've always thought that Ted was quite a good

            wordprocessor: it is fast and its handling of the RTF

            format is almost perfect. However, many users (rightly)

            complain that Ted, which is Motif-based, looks odd on a

            modern desktop. There are good news for them: as of

            version 2.16, you can successfully compile Ted with

            GTK2. It looks much better now!

            25 Feb 2002 08:52 martinmv

            Ted on glibc 2.2.4 (RedHat 7.2)
            The program Ted is linked statically. Glibc 2.2.4 have new locales format.There is ( package with old locales.

            01 Aug 2001 08:11 martinmv

            printing ISO Latin2 characters

            There are scripts for printing ISO Latin 2 characters (derived from ogonkify) and for correctly set "codepage" command in some rtf files.

            14 May 2001 10:03 erw

            Re: "X Windows"? Oh please..
            Oh ,come on, is that really so important?

            This (at first glance) is a really good piece of software!

            I just got and installed Ted because a collegue of mine had this 24MB-RTF file that crashed her Word for Windows.

            It also crashed Star Office, maxwell and Hancom Word.

            But it displayd most beautifully with Ted, with all the horrible graphics & tables etc. And rather fast, too!

            I must say, I am very impressed. Thank you for this remarkable work. I really look forward to explore Ted further. :-))

            26 Jan 2001 05:35 sn

            "X Windows"? Oh please..
            from man X(1):

            The X Consortium requests that the following names be used
            when referring to this software:

            X Window System
            X Version 11
            X Window System, Version 11

            X Window System is a trademark of X Consortium, Inc.


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