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12 Aug 2011 07:53 TeamLab

yes, Jonard, the online editor has been launched, hope it will be useful for you and your team, thanx a lot for your feedback!

09 Aug 2011 18:50 jonard

I hope the module is now already launch and they are now using by our team, because we can now work easier and efficient with this Documents modules. Thank you and more exciting projects will be done.

08 Feb 2011 14:50 Sayero

we've tried many open source solutions but your teamlab is really great, thank you, guys and looking forward for more features like calendar and docs

08 Feb 2011 13:58 TeamLab

Thanx a lot, Tmina, for your feedback, we really appreciate it. As for the Document editing, this module is coming very soon, see the announcement above)

04 Feb 2011 10:08 Tmina

Really great app!
We just love it!
Have been using Teamlab for several months and pleased with almost everything. The only thing that`s missing is Document editing, but anyway - that`s the best thing, we`ve ever tried and it`s... for free)
Thank you for such a good project!


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