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TEA Total

TEA Total is a collection of extremely small encryption tools. At the heart of TEA Total is the TEA (Tiny Encryption Algorithm): a fast and secure 128-bit private key algorithm which was developed and placed in the public domain by David Wheeler and Roger Needham of the Cambridge Computer Laboratory.

Operating Systems

Recent releases

  •  02 Jan 2001 20:24

    Release Notes: Password protected key and Base 64 coding (ASCII Armour) support, a new, much more powerful command line argument parser, and restructuring of the source code to ease maintenance.

    •  27 Dec 2000 19:05

      Release Notes: Huffman coding (compression) support was implemented. The OpenBSD port has been finished. The key generator was made into an applet instead of a seperate application. An internal secure random number generator was implemented for generating keys on systems which don't provide one. A full set of Unix manual pages were written. A configuration file which specifies exactly which applets and features to build was added.

      •  22 Dec 2000 23:47

        Release Notes: This release moves to block mode TEA (which gives a roughly four fold speed increase), finalizes the file format (so future TEA Total versions should always be compatible with files created with this version), implements cross byte order conversion (files created on a little endian system can be decrypted on a big endian system and vice versa), has been ported to OpenBSD, fully supports pipe mode encryption and decryption, and restructures the program internally to generally clean up the code and ease the addition of the tunneling applets which are currently being written.

        •  18 Dec 2000 16:52

          Release Notes: Initial release.


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