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tcsysmon is a dock app that monitors Mem/Swap/DiskIO/Uptime and displays blinky lights for your interrupts and page in/outs. Its goal is to display as many real-time system statistics as possible with a minimum of CPU usage. It includes MMX routines for faster updates on newer CPUs.


Recent releases

  •  20 Nov 2000 13:20

    Release Notes: In this release, use of devfs is automatically detected, and the proper device file is opened.

    •  01 Oct 2000 20:42

      Release Notes: A Makefile fix to solve include problem with glibc 2.1.93, and compilation fixes for 2.4.0-test9 and newer kernels.

      •  06 Aug 2000 19:46

        Release Notes: Documentation updates, a minor code cleanup, optimizations and updates, a fix for a bug with SMP systems where only last CPU would be counted for IRQ statistics, and updates to the tcsysmon shell script to check if module has been loaded. Note: if you just upgraded to 2.4.0-test6pre5 and tcsysmon stopped working (wrong lights light up, IRQ statistics are incorrect), recompile both monitor and tcsysmon; the kstat structure has been changed. Users of wmmon-tcm will also need to recompile it.

        •  06 Jul 2000 19:48

          Release Notes: A fix for a stupid typo in monitor.c which prevented compiles under 2.2 kernels and a small Makefile fix.

          •  05 Jul 2000 14:24

            Release Notes: This release adds X11 drawing code optimizations, optional MMX optimizations, a small fix to the memory information routine check, and small updates to the tcsysmon load script. Version 1.4 is about 3x faster than version 1.3 in led mode, and about 16x faster in bar graph mode.


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