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TclDTrace is a binding of libdtrace to the Tcl programming language. DTrace is a system profiling suite created by Sun Microsystems. It allows the user to profile a program without modifying its text, or even without the need to distract it if it is running. It consists of a set of library hooks called "providers", a set of tools, a C API (libdtrace), and its own specially crafted scripting language called D. A Tcl binding to libdtrace will allow users to run D scripts and process their results directly from Tcl.

Operating Systems

Recent releases

  •  17 Aug 2008 07:35

    Release Notes: This is mostly a cleanup version. The code has been shortened and made a bit more robust. A single memory leak has been fixed.

    •  13 Aug 2008 13:23

      Release Notes: The TclDtrace API binding is now complete feature-wise. The new features are process grabbing and command launching. There were minor changes in the specification of processing commands. The API is nearing stabilization now.

      •  09 Aug 2008 00:15

        Release Notes: This release contains the TEA build system for easy building and installation. The big feature of this version is aggregations support. The binding implementation is nearly complete, and the API is nearly stable.

        •  05 Aug 2008 12:49

          Release Notes: This initial release has complete support for simple DTrace probes. It's well tested and probably bugfree, but still lacks some functionality - most importantly aggregations.


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