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16 Feb 2010 21:52 kellypeaks

Hey klappnase its great !

Can you send me please working version to

Thanks !!!

29 Jan 2003 08:19 klappnase

tape2mp3 again
life could be so easy...
i found that both problems mentioned above can easyly be solved
first: it is no problem to have libsnd0 and libsnd1 installed together(no conflicts if you just install libsnd0 without the -devel and -progs packages, if you want to compile tape2mp3 you however have to temporarily uninstall libsnd1-devel and install libsnd0-devel, after compile you can change that again)
second: tracks are only extracted, if there is a few seconds of silence at the beginning, so you have to start recording a few seconds before the music starts to get the first track extracted.
now that i found these things out, everything seems to work fine
seems to be the best tool around forsplitting wavfiles
i've built myself both src- and binary-RPMS and changed afew things, so you can start it easier from any directory. if anyone's interested in these, let me know

28 Jan 2003 08:43 klappnase

i tried tape2mp3 to split wav files from phono records; seems to work great, except of two things: i can't seem to get it to work with libsnd1 and the other thing is that each time a track is being split tape2mp3 seems to 'forget' the first track(song), i.e. if i record an album-side with four songs tape2mp3 checks out the last three songs fine, but i can't find the first one on my harddisk.
can someone help me?


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