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Tailbeep opens a file (-f), seeks to the end, and watches for a string (-s). If the string is found, a beep is sent to the specified tty (-t) device. You can also daemonize (-d) it. It was written to watch /var/log/messages for the DENY string (to catch anyone trying to break into a firewall), but you can use it to watch any open file that gets appended to. You can also create a log if you like, so you can record the events, in long or short mode. Tailbeep requires write access to one of the tty devices on the console.

Operating Systems

Recent releases

  •  26 Apr 2010 00:21

    Release Notes: This release fixes compilation issues. It removes -m486 from the Makefile.

    •  02 Nov 2009 23:11

      Release Notes: This release adds festival support.

      •  27 Oct 1999 22:14

        Release Notes: Added -F (frequency) and -M (milliseconds) option, added -x "command" option, cleaned up the help screen, and you can use -p and -P at the same time now if you want both the entire line and a predefined message.

        •  26 Oct 1999 17:31

          Release Notes: The ability to specify a message to speak instead of the line in the watched file (using -p), the old -p has been moved to -P to speak the line in the file, and the -V (version) and -S (sleep time) options have been added.

          •  22 Oct 1999 21:06

            Release Notes: Speech, a debug option, and an install option in the Makefile.


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