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23 Dec 2005 23:55 paladinfm

Re: Change permissions on /usr/local/lib/taglog/taglog_report.tcl
I have added a chmod to install.tcl for version 0.2.1

Note that for things which are specific bugs the best
place to report them is the bug tracker on the Sourceforge
taglog page

07 Nov 2005 08:34 origamifreak

Change permissions on /usr/local/lib/taglog/taglog_report.tcl
After a root install on linux (2.6.13-1.1532_FC4) I had to change permissions on taglog_report.tcl to allow users to see it.

Just thought you'd like to know. :-)

30 May 2002 15:57 paladinfm

Re: Install errors

> error copying
> "doc/tutorial.html" to
> "/usr/local/doc/taglog": no
> such file or directory
> while executing
> "file copy -force $docfile
> $docdir"
> ...
> [root@Frodo taglog-0.1.32]#

I think this is fixed in version 0.1.33 - please mail the taglog bugs address if you encounter bugs.

01 Mar 2002 11:38 ldunaway

Install errors
Downloaded the latest; extracted; here's results

[root@Frodo taglog-0.1.32]# ls
cal2.xbm pkgIndex.tcl taglog_help_en.tag taglog.xbm
changelog README tag.tcl
cleanup_projlogs smtp.tcl taglog_help_es.tag tagtest.html
COPYING smtptest.tcl taglog_help_fr.tag tagtest.tcl
de.msg sort_taghelp taglog_help_it.tag test-out.tag
doc tag.3 taglog_help.tcl test.tag
INSTALL taglog taglog_init.tcl version
install.tcl taglog.1 taglog_project.tcl worklog.dsc
logEdit.tcl taglog_action.tcl taglog_report.tcl
mainwin.tcl taglog_contact.tcl taglog_util.tcl
Makefile taglog_help_de.tag taglog_widgets.tcl
[root@Frodo taglog-0.1.32]# tclsh install.tcl -system
error copying "doc/tutorial.html" to "/usr/local/doc/taglog": no such file or directory
while executing
"file copy -force $docfile $docdir"
(procedure "do_install" line 50)
invoked from within
invoked from within
"if { $quiet } {
} else {
(file "install.tcl" line 206)
[root@Frodo taglog-0.1.32]#


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