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Tablix is a powerful free software kernel for solving general timetabling problems. It uses a coarse-grained parallel genetic algorithm in combination with other techniques to construct sensible timetables from XML formatted problem descriptions. Tablix can run on a single host as well as on a heterogeneous parallel virtual machine using PVM3. The default installation will export finished timetables into XHTML 1.1 format ready for publishing on the Internet, or into a "comma separated values" format (CSV) that is suitable for import into a spreadsheet application and further processing. The kernel supports a very wide range of timetabling problems, from high school timetabling to barge scheduling. Several timetable constraints are already implemented in the default installation. Because of the kernel's modular design, it is easy to add custom timetable constraints and/or modify existing ones.

Operating Systems

Recent releases

  •  03 Jul 2007 14:50

    Release Notes: A segmentation fault in the XML parser was fixed. Erroneous messages about failed assertions were fixed. A build error on GCC 4.1 was fixed. Four new fitness modules were added to the distribution.

    •  13 Nov 2006 13:50

      Release Notes: Two fitness modules for simple meeting scheduling and an export module for Gnutu Student's Schedule were added to the distribution. Several changes were made to the kernel to make building and using Tablix on Microsoft systems easier. A number of bugs in the kernel and modules was fixed.

      •  28 May 2006 16:17

        Release Notes: Two header files that were missing from the previous release were added to the distribution. A bug in the DTD file for the XML format of the fitness modules reference documentation has been fixed.

        •  23 May 2006 21:35

          Release Notes: Several bugs were fixed in the kernel and fitness modules. The kernel API for updater functions has been changed due to a design error. A new XHTML export module with better support for large timetables has been added. Support for multi-week timetables has been enhanced. Compile errors on the AMD-64 architecture have been fixed.

          •  09 Feb 2006 18:05

            Release Notes: Support for updater functions was added. Genetic algorithm performance was improved. Experimental support for vCalendar 2.0 format was added. The Slovenian translation was updated. Two important and several minor bugs were fixed.


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