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Smalltalk YX is a Smalltalk-80 implementation. It's highly portable, and runs equally well on 32-bit and 64-bit systems, Mac, Unix, Windows, WinCE, or Solaris. It has an easy-to-use plugin system and is very active.

Operating Systems

Recent releases

  •  08 Jun 2008 06:40

    Release Notes: The .SYX_ROOT_PATH and SYX_PLUGIN_PATH environment variables have been introduced. Image recovering has been fixed. Several standard methods for Collections, Numbers, and Object printing/storing were covered. #display family methods have been introduced for Smalltalk objects. System signal handling has been improved. The interpreter has been refactored to use one stack per Process. Symbols creation was optimized. The parser and lexer have been fixed. Blocks' scopes have been fixed. <- assignment is supported. Scheduler external idle sources have been added. Asyncronous console and GTK+ loop were added using semaphores.

    •  07 Jan 2008 13:17

      Release Notes: Full GNU build support was added. An X11 plugin has been added. Basic support for handling foreign C pointers and structs/unions from Smalltalk has been added. Several fixes were made for building on Sparc 64 using SCons. FileStream fileIn has been fixed. Class declaration from Smalltalk has been fixed. Lexer fixes were made for symbols, identifiers, and strings. FileStream now handles FILE* instead of file descriptors, and this fixed several bugs. System startup has been fixed when filing in files. Dictionary rehashing has been fixed. Basic support for handling foreign C structs and unions from Smalltalk has been added.

      •  14 Dec 2007 21:57

        Release Notes: MSVC support has been improved. ANSI C and strict ISO compilation. The ST runtime compiler has been replaced with a C-side compiler. Class creation issues from ST have been fixed. Support for the GNU building system has been added. Building under MSYS has been fixed. Block ensuring has been fixed. New examples have been added, such as a Web code browser. Dictionary rehashing has been fixed. The implementation of OrderedCollection has been enhanced. Internal profiling and gprof support at compile-time. One stack per process against one stack per context. Great performance improvements.

        •  20 Aug 2007 20:45

          Release Notes: Major fixes to the garbage collector, object finalization, number parsing, and scheduler. Rehashing support for Dictionary, Set, and Bag. #perform: and #copyReplace family ANSI methods were added. ZeroDivide exception, Interval, and StdIOStream classes were added. Visual Studio compilation and debugging support. Support for big endian machines has been completed. System signal handling has been added. Image recovering on crash. Getopt dependency was removed. Desktop files for POSIX systems were added. Several issues were fixed for packaging binary distributions of Syx using Scons.

          •  30 Jul 2007 17:27

            Release Notes: Fractions and division methods have been added. Some lexer issues have been fixed. Garbage collection while finalizing objects has been fixed. Many ANSI methods have been covered. String to Number methods and vice-versa have been added. Super messages have been fixed. A complete Smalltalk compiler has been added. Access mode to Streams and more methods to FileStreams have been added. You can run Smalltalk scripts from the command line. A native Win32 API wrapper plugin with WinWorkspace has been added. You can build Syx for Windows CE with WinWorkspace. Support for a user-defined startup sequence has been added.


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