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SystemRescueCd is a Linux system available from a bootable CDROM that provides an easy way to perform administrative tasks on your computer, such as creating and editing the partitions of the hard disk or backing up data. It contains a lot of system utilities (such as parted, partimage, and fstools), and basic programs (such as editors, midnight commander, and network tools). It also includes GParted, a Partition Magic clone that makes editing partitions easy with its graphical user interface. This CDROM aims to be very easy to use and accessible to everybody, and it also provides advanced personalization features.

Operating Systems

Recent releases

  •  26 Jan 2011 07:30

    Release Notes: The kernels have been updated to (standard kernels based on the Long-Term-Supported 2.6.35 kernel) and (alternative kernels). The squash filesystem is now compressed using XZ instead of LZMA. The firmwares were updated in both the initramfs and in the main filesystem. nouveau is the new default video driver for Nvidia cards. GNU Parted was updated to version 2.3 with patches from Ubuntu-10.10 and GParted was updated to 0.7.1. fsarchiver was updated to 0.6.12, aufs to 2.1, xorg-server to 1.9.3, and Network-Manager to 0.8.x. A 64-bit version of memtester was added.

    •  08 Dec 2010 07:31

      Release Notes: The kernels have been updated with the most recent stable patch (alternative kernels to, standard kernels to xorg-server was updated to 1.9.2 (graphical server and drivers), and fsarchiver was updated to 0.6.11.

      •  02 Nov 2010 07:37

        Release Notes: The alternative kernels (altker32 + altker64) have been updated to Several applications have also been updated: truecrypt to 7.0a, xorg-server to 1.9.1, GParted to 0.7.0 (initial support for btrfs + bugfixes), and Perl 5.12.2. Scrub 2.2 has been added.

        •  21 Oct 2010 06:30

          Release Notes: The standard kernels were updated to (rescuecd + rescue64) and alternative kernels to (altker32 + altker64). GParted was updated to 0.6.4, ntfs3g to 2010.10.2, xorg-server to, and xf86-video-nv to 2.1.18. fsarchiver 0.6.10 was patched to make it work on recent btrfs filesystems. More fonts were added.

          •  23 Jun 2010 12:29

            Release Notes: The standard kernels were updated to and alternative kernels were updated to 2.6.34. GParted was updated to 0.6.0 with support for devices with sectors larger than 512 bytes. xfsprogs was updated to 3.1.2. Network drivers were updated. Problems with the tg3 ethernet driver (mostly used by Broadcom cards) were fixed. Fixes and improvements were made in the USB installation script for Linux ( Customization options were added to the sysresccd USB installer for Windows. Isohybrid, which breaks isoloop, was disabled. pxebootsrv was improved.


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