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08 May 2014 02:24 kazkylheku

systemd is a pile of shit written by obvious "B grade" C programming talent. I
know; I have had to work with the internals.

Stay away from any distro based on systemd, if you can help it at all.

11 Apr 2013 20:22 zk1234

4MLinux uses udev from systemd now, and this true that most of its dependencies (libdbus and so on) are needed to compile udev, but the "ready-made" udev works well without them. Nevertheless, UDEV IS A LOW LEVEL UTILITY, meaning that it should avoid "dependency hell" as much as possible.

23 Nov 2012 16:35 zk1234

Merging udev into systemd was a stupid idea. Why not merge udev into Gnome ? If someone needs a small udev utility he will have to install Gnome first :-)


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