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Synscan is a fast asynchronous half-open port scanner. This tool will send TCP packets with the SYN flag to any block of destination addresses at very high speed. Synscan endeavors to send traffic as fast as the host network interface can support.


Recent releases

  •  02 Jan 2008 07:15

    Release Notes: This is the first non-beta release. Support for command line parsing of IPv4 blocks was improved to support both netmask blocks and ranges.

    •  25 Aug 2007 23:09

      Release Notes: IPv4 enumeration problems were fixed. Numerous command line arguments were added to tune scanning performance (to limit the possibility of inadvertent SYN-flooding). Compile time options and architecture/OS support were improved.

      •  24 Apr 2007 18:08

        Release Notes: Usage information has been fixed. A platform-independent configure script has been added with support for building on *BSD, Linux, Mac OS X, and Solaris.

        •  22 Apr 2007 14:14

          Release Notes: Several portability problems were fixed and the network interface handling code was rewritten.

          •  20 Apr 2007 20:14

            Release Notes: A much cleaner codebase. Vast improvements in efficiency (approximately ~20-35%). Incorrectly computed IP header checksums have been fixed. Scan timing is adjustable via command line, which provides for much faster network scanning. A greatly simplified design will allow for future support for IPv6 (currently in beta).


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