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05 May 2005 01:32 theo_cowan

My Favorite Program
I have Synergy Working between a Windows XP and Linux computer using Fedora Core. Works without a problem and the setup was simple. Can be tricky getting the client/server connection after a reboot on one pc. I'm forced to kill both process' and start them agaim. This is my favorite program.

03 Sep 2004 11:26 macinp

Works well, even with dual-display setup on XP
I'm running the synergy2 server process on WinXP-Home with a single desktop on two monitors (ATI Radeon video card). I have a laptop (RedHat 9) as a synergy2 client and a server (Redhat 9) with a single monitor. They are all controlled using the wireless keyboard and mouse on the XP host. The mouse and keyboard work flawlessly across all 4 "monitors". I used the RPM for the Linux hosts.

No issues with virtual desktops on Windows (ATI's Hydra application) or the Gnome virtual desktops. Very nice!

01 Aug 2003 07:57 jtehranian

what about mac OSX?

will there ever be a version of this for OSX? or does anyone know if there is a similar app for OSX that already exists? i currently have two machines on a relatively small desk, and it would be great if i could lose the additional keyboard and mouse. i have seen how well this app works for our tech director (lin to xp) and i could also really benefit from it.

any info appreciated. thanks.

11 Apr 2003 01:41 opyate

Fast and easy

I use two desktops- linux and XP. XP I need for IE (since I haven't gotten 'round to either running IE with wine, or using vmware). IE, I need for this IE-only webapp, and I need a lot of the work done in the webapp on the linux box.

It's always been an issue of copying in IE, pasting to file, opening file on linux side, and working on the data.

From the download (on both boxes), to configuring and running, took me 10 minutes. And it works.

26 Jan 2003 08:17 mcsherry

Very nice!
Makes life much simpler going between the two machines on my desk. It's great to be able to switch between them with simply moving the mouse off the side of the screen. The cut and paste feature between the 2 is fantastic as well. There have been SO many times I wished I could do that. I wasn't able to compile the source for some reason (haven't tried to track down the problem yet... but it core-dumped whenever I tried to run the executable it made)... i386 RPM worked fine tho... Good job!


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