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synDirectory is used to retrieve and sort the current work directory list of of files. It opens the current directory and retrieves the list of files and sub-directories into separate arrays. Since it may be listing the directory where this package was installed, the package files are excluded from the listing. The arrays with the files and directories may be sorted by name, file size, file type, or last modified date. The package comes with a configuration file to help the user customize the output further. It is also possible to skin the output via CSS.

Operating Systems

Recent releases

  •  23 May 2010 00:08

    Release Notes: The DirectoryIterator is used, so PHP 5 is now required. The directory list now ignores the "syn_style.css" file if you want to have a .css within the directory. Code was cleaned up, and stricter checks are made to detect if variables are set. This helps for servers that run on PHP strict. Code should also be more verbose in some places. The index.php file was simplified. All inline PHP code was removed for servers that do not have that feature. The lang.php file was removed, and you can now translate within the configuration file. A display bug when the server information was empty was fixed.

    •  15 Apr 2008 13:47

      Release Notes: The license was changed from the GPL to an MIT-style license. This permits the use of this program within proprietary software. Three new configuration options (via config.php) provide the ability to hide the "Last Modified" row, the ability to hide the "Size" row, and the ability to hide the directory statistics line at the bottom. The synDirectory.txt file is now correctly hidden by default.

      •  03 Feb 2008 13:48

        Release Notes: The icon files no longer display like they should have if you are using the same location for them as the directory you are listing.

        •  14 Jan 2008 07:49

          Release Notes: index.php was shrunk in size to allow for autogeneration. config.php was created and support for its elements was added in the main class. You may now choose whether or not to show files, directories, file extensions, or certain specified filetypes. lang.php was created, which contains an array element with the language as a key and the correct output as a value. The key to use was changed within the config.php file. The English and Icelandic translations were added.


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