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SymPy is a symbolic manipulation package, written in pure Python. Its aim is to become a full featured CAS in Python, while keeping the code as simple as possible in order to be comprehensible and easily extensible. Currently, Sympy has only around 1600 lines of code (including comments), and its capabilities include basic arithmetics, basic simplification, series expansion, functions (exp, ln, sin, cos, tan, etc.), differentiation, integration, basic substitution, arbitrary precision integers and rationals, standard (Python) floats, basic complex numbers, and symbolic limits.

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Recent releases

  •  20 Oct 2012 04:23

    Release Notes: SymPy now supports Python 3 and PyPy. This release also includes major new features in combinatorics, definite integration, random variables, matrix expressions, sets, classical mechanics, quantum mechanics, commutative algebra, plotting, and differential geometry. There were also hundreds of bugfixes throughout the entire code base.

    •  30 Jul 2011 03:47

      Release Notes: isympy now works with IPython 0.11. Python 2.4 is no longer supported. The Pyglet plotting library is now an optional external dependency. Hypergeometric functions and Meijer G-Functions were added, including an algorithm to convert these into more familiar named elementary or special functions. Many improvements were made in the sets module and many algorithms were added to the iterables module. The framework for working with xyz spin bases in the quantum module has been improved.

      •  29 Jun 2011 04:48

        Release Notes: This is a major release that adds much new functionality. The biggest change is the new polys, which are much more powerful and much faster. This affects many parts of SymPy, including the solvers and simplification. Another big change is the new quantum module, which was added as a result of two Google Summer of Code projects. Aside from these major changes, there are many changes throughout all of SymPy. This release also has a few mostly minor backwards compatibility breaks.

        •  26 Dec 2009 19:40

          Release Notes: Many documentation improvements were made, including docstrings and doctests. A new assumptions system (GSoC) is used. Improvements were made to the test runner. Printing was improved. The discriminant of polys was aded. Block diagonal methods for matrices were added. Vast improvements were made for solving of ODEs. The logcombine function was added. Improvements were made for sets. Trigonometric simplification was improved. Improvements were made to piecewise functions. Quartic and cubic polynomial rootfinding is now much better. Code refactoring and cleanup were done.

          •  16 Jul 2009 23:43

            Release Notes: This release has been marked by improved documentation, C code generation, solve and dsolve improvements, a mpath update, a new logic module, and the start of Google's Summer of Code program.


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