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SymmetricDS provides file and database synchronization with support for multi-master replication, filtered synchronization, and transformation across the network in a heterogeneous environment. It supports multiple subscribers with one-direction or bi-directional, asynchronous data replication. It uses Web and database technologies to replicate data as a scheduled or near-realtime operation. The software has been designed to scale for a large number of nodes, work across low-bandwidth connections, and withstand periods of network outage. It works with most operating systems, file systems, and databases, including Oracle, MySQL, MariaDB, PostgreSQL, MS SQL Server (including Azure), IBM DB2, H2, HSQLDB, Derby, Firebird, Interbase, Informix, Greenplum, SQLite (including Android), Sybase ASE, and Sybase ASA (SQL Anywhere) databases.

Operating Systems

Recent releases

  •  29 May 2014 13:40

    Release Notes: This patch release fixes four bugs and makes six improvements. Fixes include handling large numerics and capturing "updates only" on SQL Server. Improvements include the ability to run SQL on a client before and after initial load, caching to improve performance, a column transform for accessing parameters, and UNC path support for the SQL Server bulk loader.

    •  29 Apr 2014 15:28

      Release Notes: This patch release fixes four bugs and adds four improvements. Fixes include ones for an early commit bug which was causing lock timeouts, and accurate statistics on the initial load. Improvements include case insensitivity for transforms and better performance of some queries on PostgreSQL.

      •  19 Mar 2014 19:57

        Release Notes: This release fixes six bugs, makes four improvements, and adds a new feature. Fixes were made to the bulk loaders (MySQL and SQL-Server) and transforms. Improvements were made to bulk loaders and the REST API. A new feature to capture only changed data was added for PostgreSQL.

        •  03 Mar 2014 13:47

          Release Notes: This release fixes four bugs and makes five improvements. Important fixes were made to staging, initial load, pull synchronization, and transforms. The purge retention was reduced to improve performance. The transforms were improved with a new "copy if changed" transform.

          •  18 Feb 2014 16:03

            Release Notes: This release fixes eleven bugs and adds six improvements. Fixes apply to routing, audit tables, file sync, and dialects for Sybase and Postgres. The column match router was improved to allow "contains" and "not contains" expressions. File sync was improved to allow scripts to change the destination directory dynamically. Firebird triggers were improved to co-exist with user triggers.

            Recent comments

            14 Dec 2010 11:22 jamikumar

            Hi all ,

            I am using symmetricDS 2.0.8 version .
            I need to send the store specific data while giving the reload command .I have 3 tables like customer_address,customer_details and store_master .

            In customer_address table I have city column , the same is available in store_master table , so by using these columns i sent the store specific customer_address data using "lookuptable" router .

            Now my doubt is I need to send the customer_details table data store specific .
            Here we dont have a direct relationship with store_master, in customer_addr and customer_details have a common column(addr_id).

            Can any one please help to solve this.

            Thanks in advance,


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