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03 Oct 2005 10:00 daWB

Sylpheed-Claws now has its own, separate listing:

04 Jun 2005 11:05 jpilotus

Re: Not MH compatible!

%> When's it going to be there?


> When someone with programing skills and free time needs it.

I have to say that it seems quite misleading for the front page to say: "you'll be able to use it together with another mailer based on MH format"

OK... maybe I can use it, but there will be problems. For instance,If I delete an unseen message from an MH folder in sylpheed, mutt continues to see a "new" message in that folder, though there are none.

MH compatibility isn't really a feature request, IMO. A stated part of sylpheed's functionality is broken. Fix it or not, but please don't suggest that it's usable with other MH clients in the current state.

I am trying sylpheed for the first time in a long time (sylpheed-claws-1.9.11) and it looks great. I really like it. And I'm most likely going to find it unworkable, and dump it. :(

27 Mar 2005 10:19 ken195

Re: ~/.newsrc woes
Typically, clients that use .newsrc keep a separate file in .newsrc format for each server. (Mozilla does this, as does slrn)

31 Aug 2004 11:56 Thulemanden

Re: awesome


> Sylpheed somehow got confused about the

> number of mails in the folder. You can

> correct it by executing "Check for new

> messages" in the folder's popup menu or

> "View/Update summary" in the main menu

> for every folder that has wrong message

> counts.

You seem to have to be in the top mail account and all the subsequent folders in that will be corrected. So it will have to be done on all mail accounts.

I'm a new Sylpheed fan and am thrilled of the included spamassassin and the recent plugins for my Libranet (Debian). I needed something serious out of KDE/Gnome and like gtk+ a lot for its stability and cleanliness. It's convincing. I also believe the design line has business dekstop appeal.

24 Aug 2004 15:31 reboot2

Re: screen blanking problem with 9.12a

> Sorry to post the bug report here, but I couldn't find a bug report link anywhere.

Sylpheed-Claws BugZilla

But I think you should report the "Problem" to the Users-Mailinglist first and check if it really is a bug, only a missconfiguration or problem with your system.

24 Aug 2004 07:01 zentara

screen blanking problem with 9.12a
Hi, I've been using Claws for quite some time. I just upgraded to 9.12a and notice a change from 9.12. When I click on "send" to send an email, the main window goes blank momentarily during the send. This did not happen with 9.12. I'm using fvwm2 under Linux. Sorry to post the bug report here, but I couldn't find a bug report link anywhere.

26 Apr 2004 09:22 reboot2

Re: Not MH compatible!

> When's it going to be there?

When someone with programing skills and free time needs it. The list of feature requests for Sylpheed is endless and there are many things that have a higher priority for the developers.

29 Jan 2004 20:14 hacksaw

Not MH compatible!
The documentation and the blurb suggests that sylpheed is MH compatible, but it still doesn't maintain the MH sequences files! These are basic to the operation of MH. The unseen sequence is THE WAY to record what has been seen and what hasn't. The mh cli commands need it to work correctly.

I have been asking about this for like two years now. When's it going to be there?

05 Aug 2003 23:48 daWB

Re: Importing Address book
Try this:
Open the addressbook:
Select the vCard heading in the window on the left.
Then use /File/New vCard, and select your exported

29 Jul 2003 19:10 nmangalath

Importing Address book
I am a recent Linux convert and am experimenting with tools. Currently I am using Evolution. I have installed Sylpheed and I am able to import the mail boxes easily enough.

However I am not able to find a way to import my Evolution Address Book (contact list). Is there any way to do this?

I also have the conacts as vcf file and csv file. Can I import them to Sylphhed?

Thanks in advance!


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