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26 Sep 2003 15:52 fxn

Re: No highlighting on Mac OS X
It turns out that eq 'MSWin32' is the right thing to do and
that's documented in perlvar. Fixed in 1.3. Thank you Ron.

26 Sep 2003 15:48 fxn

Re: False negatives due to qr//i peculiarity
Excellent, fixed in 1.3. Thank you.

26 Sep 2003 10:23 RonNewman

False negatives due to qr//i peculiarity
SwenDeleter sometimes fails to properly match a copy
of the virus message because it does not use the /i
(case-insensitivity) switch consistently at every step
when building up pre-compiled regular expressions.

In particular, the declaration of my $subject2_regexp
needs to end with /ix and not just /x .

Probably the same fix needs to be made to all the
"from" regexps, but this should be done by someone
more familiar with the virus definition (not me!)

26 Sep 2003 10:16 RonNewman

No highlighting on Mac OS X
The 1.2 script as written will not
highlight the matches on Mac OS X, because of this

unless ($^O =~ /win/i) {

Unfortunately, $^O == "darwin" on Mac OS X. Since I
don't know what $^O actually looks like on Windows, I
don't know how to fix this correctly.

In my private copy, I just changed the regexp to
/^win/i , but I doubt that this is correct.


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