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SVNBackup allows you to make full and incremental backups of your Subversion repositories without interrupting user activity. It provides functionality not available through "svnadmin hotcopy". It can also be used to migrate between different versions of subversion and different db backends.

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Recent releases

  •  05 Oct 2010 17:05

    Release Notes: This release fixes a critical issue where the conf/ and hooks/ directories were not being restored to the correct path.

    •  12 Nov 2009 18:57

      Release Notes: This release fixes an issue where moving the backup directory would cause to see the backup as invalid.

      •  12 Nov 2009 17:18

        Release Notes: This release fixes bad logic in the utility file path code. It adds a set of common path locations to the search path.

        •  15 Oct 2009 02:02

          Release Notes: Lock file detection was improved to prevent concurrent execution, and a message was added stating the age of the lockfile if one is found. Code that would delete a corrupt backup file if the restore process failed was removed: svnbackup/svnrestore should never delete files other than the lock files.

          •  10 Jul 2009 21:11

            Release Notes: This release fixes an incorrect file test operator in

            Recent comments

            15 Sep 2011 00:19 mwuerr


            I don't seem to be able to take a look at the tickets open on this project. Maybe you should rework the security settings of the project to allow public read?

            btw. will use this solutions soon in my server. Did a code review, reported a minor issue, will investigate a few more, nothing critical. Thanks for publishing this tool.

            05 Oct 2010 17:08 ChrisOHalloran

            brunojcm: There isn't a wiki, but there is a wordpress page where you can add comments. Just click on the like that says "Web Site" on the project page on

            If this project gets popular I'll set up a wiki for it.

            06 Jul 2010 00:16 brunojcm

            I'm missing some place to share information about it, might be some wiki...
            I had problems like 'Can't locate Archive/' and would like to share my solutions, where can I do that?

            24 Jul 2009 07:29 ChrisOHalloran

            To the best of my knowledge the current release backs up all necessary aspects of a subversion repository, and has no bugs in either the backup or restore process. Unless there are any bugs reported in the next week I'm going to upgrade the current release to 1.0.


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