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Subversion Repository Search Engine

Subversion Repository Search Engine (SupoSE) scans a whole Subversion repository and creates a searchable index. It will scan Word, Excel, PowerPoint, PDF files, and archives like .tar, .tar.gz, .jar, etc. in addition to all kinds of text-based data.

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Recent releases

  •  11 Jun 2010 16:59

    Release Notes: Upgrade to SVNKit 1.3.X (support for SVN 1.6.X repositories). Enormous performance enhancements for the scan command for larger repositories (more than 20.000 revisions). Updated to Java 1.6. The dfilename and dpath introduced in Release 0.6.0 have been removed to reduce the Index size finger print. The display property prefix has been removed. Output formatting of --help has been changed. are now located in the etc folder. A formatting problem with more than 9999 items in a changeset has been fixed.

    •  02 Mar 2010 15:36

      Release Notes: The size of the resulting index is now reduced and some problems with searching have been solved. A large number of bugs have been fixed. This is a release candidate and there may be new bugs.

      •  17 Jun 2009 21:58

        Release Notes: This release fixes a major bug with scheduled scanning of repositories that resulted in a full rescan of a repository instead of scanning only new revisions. There is an export to XML via command line option. This release can search for the SVN properties as well as the contents of them.

        •  01 Jun 2009 21:38

          Release Notes: This release enhances the file type handling like OpenOffice (odt, ods, odp), Office 2007 (docx, xlsx, pptx), and archives (.tar, .tar.gz, .tar.bz2, .jar, .zip). The installation process has been simplified. You can search for filenames and path separately. Recognition of Tags, Branches, Maven Tags, and Subversion Tags has been added, and can be used for searching as well. Logging of processing has been enhanced to see what's going on. Configuration can be done in an external configuration folder (etc).

          •  06 May 2009 19:34

            Release Notes: This release is able to handle wildcards as the first character in a query term. Tika has been updated to 0.3 and ini4j to 0.4.1.


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