Comments for SuperRescue CD

29 Sep 2003 04:29 robfantini

SuperRescue vs Knoppix

SuperRescue still is the best rescue cd for us.

I have a test server using software raid.

this works on SR, not on K:

cd /mnt
mkdir disk1
mount /dev/md1 disk1

Knoppix is great for many things. SuperRescue is just a better Rescue cd for me.

17 Jul 2003 01:23 Potenz

I Need documentation about SuperRescue 2 (How to use it?)
Ok i recorded the iso image of Superrescue 2 , but how to use it?

There is some manual or documentation about it ?
If so , can someone suggest links or doc ?

Thank you very much in advance.

26 Jul 2002 09:54 dglee

Thank ya thank ya thank ya
This bad boy has saved my bacon so many times I have lost track.

Oh yeah, did I say THANK YOU?


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