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07 Sep 2001 20:51 ezequielv

RPM package for version 3.16.1 (last stable)
I am using super-3.14.0-1.
I can't found any binary RPM package for version 3.16.1 (lat stable). The RPM URL has version 3.14.0-1 as well (actually I downloaded it from there).

Any friendly souls out there? Thanks!

07 Sep 2001 20:35 ezequielv

logfile creation with security problems?
First of all: what a great program!

Now let's get to business :-)

If you specify the global options in the table file:

:global logfile=/path/yourfile loguid=root

and 'yourfile' does not exist, it *could* be created with incorrect permissions/owner. In this example command, the logfile is created with permissions -rw-rw-r-- and owner root:myusergroup.

test/simple "/bin/echo simple test." \
uid=<caller> :users \
info="Test - simple test command. Should always work." \
# end

so, executing: 'super test/simple'
creates the files as described.

In my example, my user's main gid is the same as the uid (symbolically). If the user is me:maingid, the file is owned by root:maingid.

Workaround: 'touching' (creating) the file as root and setting (if needed) permissions/ownership of the file seems to solve it. I' ve set it to root:root and -rw-------

Please fix it! And/or include more options in order to control/set creation mask and gid of logfiles.

Sorry about this post. Could not found anything useful around there to send this comment. I am sending this to the author as well.

26 Jun 1999 01:07 prenagha

FTP link for rpm should be
The FTP link for rpm should be (


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