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SUNrand is a Sun Solaris kernel module which provides '/dev/random' and '/dev/urandom' similar to the devices found in Linux. It has been tested on Sparc and Intel platforms running Solaris7 and Solaris8 (32bit and 64bit mode on SparcUltra). It doesn't use good random sources yet. It is rumoured that you can also find a /dev/random in the US crypto extensions for Solaris.

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Recent releases

  •  26 Nov 2001 12:39

    No changes have been submitted for this release.

    •  28 Nov 2000 08:50

      Release Notes: This release includes a fix for the 'data repetition' error, more documentation, and fixes for package installation. It now supports Solaris 2.5.1 and 2.6.

      •  25 May 2000 08:04

        Release Notes: gpg support, fixes to work in 64-bit mode and to compile with Sun CC, and a new Sparc package.

        •  09 May 2000 10:16

          Release Notes: Initial release.

          Recent comments

          29 Dec 2000 16:06 slammert

          /dev/random for Solaris
          It's equally handy for OpenSSH 2.x, because the built-in PRNG can be very slow, and may need to be custom-crafted depending on where you put your log files, etc.

          09 May 2000 11:30 jackcummin


          This will be handy for OpenSSH 1.2.x, as the Sun /dev/random is only available to customers who have support contracts.

          OpenSSH 2.x has a built in entropy gathering functionality, which should help for running OpenSSH under Solaris.


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