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11 Oct 2004 01:59 prx

Java 5.0
Please note that SUN renamed the 1.5.0 release to 5.0.

15 Mar 2004 23:37 fredlwm

Re: 1.4.1 sources ?

> 2 months after the 1.4.1 release and no
> sign of the sources.

It's also worth mentioning that the current sources are for 1.4.2, meaning it's probably missing everything that got into 1.4.2_01, 1.4.2_02, 1.4.2_03, and 1.4.2_04. Maybe not that useful unless you like to compile everything and don't care about not running the latest version. Maybe ESR is right.

17 Nov 2002 10:22 fredlwm

1.4.1 sources ?
2 months after the 1.4.1 release and no sign of the sources.

13 Dec 1999 11:48 reklis

sun's official licensing statement
quote from

Sun is making the Java 2 SDK source code available to the developer community as part of Sun's Community Source Licensing Program. This release is intended to further propel innovation of the Java platform and provide developers with easier access to the Java platform sources while still maintaining compatibility. With the source code, software developers are able to:

fix platform bugs or performance bottlenecks that are impeding the development or deployment of an application
implement new APIs which need access to platform internals

Note that for compatibility reasons, new public methods or classes may not be added to the core Java technology packages. Any such API additions would result in a conformance test failure.

While the Java 2 platform source code is available for any software developer, we recommend that you consider the following before downloading the code:

Modified source code cannot be distributed without the express written permission of Sun
Binary programs built using modified Java 2 SDK source code may not be distributed, internally or externally, without meeting the compatibility and royalty requirements described in the License Agreement
Building, porting, and testing the Java 2 SDK source code requires a high level of technical expertise.
The Java 2 SDK source code is not the compiled Java™ 2 SDK.


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