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15 Dec 2013 22:13 svedrenne

If you need support, my address is sylvain at jankenpoi dot net

15 Dec 2013 22:12 svedrenne

If you experience issues trying to view with the Tamil translations, it's probably because Tamil is not supported "out-of-the-box" by Java JRE/JDK. So please try the following two-steps procedure:

1) find a suitable Tamil True-Type fonts, for example:

2) create a directory named "fallback" in the "fonts" directory of your JRE (or JDK), and copy the Tamil (.ttf) file into it:
For example:

Check the paragraph that's mentioning "the JRE's lib/fonts/fallback directory" -- the paragraph title is "How do I add a physical font to the mapping of a logical font?".

If you still have problems for viewing the Tamil translations, please let me know.
My address is sylvain<at>jankenpoi<dot>net

05 May 2013 14:47 svedrenne

ArchLinux package for Sudokuki 1.2 is available

Thanks to djgera, josephgbr, etc.

13 May 2012 22:17 svedrenne

ArchLinux package for Sudokuki 1.1.4

I'm glad to see that Sudokuki has a new maintainer ('m12e') at ArchLinux.
Sudokuki had first been included in ArchLinux in March 2009, and then orphaned for a few month. Sudokuki is back since May 2012, thanks to m12e from ArchLinux!

20 Mar 2012 22:44 svedrenne

Just posted new packages for release 1.1.2 in order to include a correct COPYING file.

This replacement/update of release 1.1.2 packages fixes bug item '#3509367 COPYING file and release packages' which was reported by the Free Software Directory organisation.

18 Sep 2011 21:17 svedrenne

Sudokuki is now available in Chinese, since alpha version 1.0.A40.

02 Aug 2011 23:14 svedrenne

There was a remaining problem on 64 bit machines with the "Print four grids" feature. This issue is fixed in version 1.0.A35 (already available).

25 Jul 2011 23:24 svedrenne

The new release 1.0.A34 should work out-of-the box for os2pat and other users with 64 bits processors. Comments are welcome.

15 Jul 2011 21:56 svedrenne

15 Jul 2011 21:45 svedrenne

Hi os2pat,
I wanted to cross-compile the lib for you, but I can't make it with the installation of a proper cross-compiler at the moment and I'm running out of time.
Any chance you install a JDK and try again?... Should work!
If you do it, I'll send you a box of chocolates ;-)
Anyway, thanks for your posts so far.


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