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Stunnix Perl Web Server

Stunnix Perl Web Server is an advanced Web server developed for writing browser-based applications and database-driven catalogues or presentations that reside on CDROM or DVD, internally implemented as Perl-driven or PHP-driven Web sites that store data in a database also located on CDROM. It produces a single CD that works on Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux/x86, without requiring any additional software on the user's computer. All an author needs to do to build a cross-platform browser-based application or CDROM is to copy scripts to their proper directories. HTML::Mason and mod_perl-like execution modes are supported for Perl-driven Web sites.

Operating Systems

Recent releases

  •  20 Dec 2006 20:06

    Release Notes: Ejection of tray of media containing a Web site is not performed if it's not a CD or DVD on Mac OS X. This version fixes showing a splash screen at startup on Mac OS X. Now CDBuilder (a GUI to create CDs or DVDs with a Web server on them) can import MySQL database data from .sql files. Icons on the CD are layed out wisely in Finder now.

    •  27 Nov 2006 21:43

      Release Notes: A splash screen is shown at Web server startup on MacOS X too. The CDBuilder GUI lets you set environment variables, and lets you set parts of the MySQL configuration file and of file (per each platform CD supports, and common for all platforms). InnoDB support in MySQL has been improved.

      •  05 Oct 2006 21:00

        Release Notes: All changes in this release are specific to Mac OS X on Intel CPUs. This version adds support port for PHP scripts encoded with the IonCube PHP encoder on Mac OS X for Intel CPUs. This means that now scripts encoded with IonCube Encoder are supported on all platforms Stunnix Perl Web Server supports (i.e. Windows, Mac OS X on PPC and Intel CPUs, and Linux on Intel CPUs).

        •  07 Aug 2006 20:28

          Release Notes: Support for MySQL 5.0 for all platforms was added. A user can now choose between MySQL 4.1 and MySQL 5.0 when creating a CD-ROM with an autorun Web server on it. Several fixes to the CDBuilder GUI interface have been made.

          •  19 Jul 2006 21:25

            Release Notes: Native binaries for Mac OS X on Intel hardware have been added for all parts and extensions not implemented in Perl. This includes extensions like PHP, MySQL, Perl DBI, and DBD drivers. Minor fixes have been introduced.


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