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Stunnix Advanced Web Server for CD-ROMs

Stunnix Advanced Web Server is a Web server for putting Web sites onto CD-ROMs, DVDs, FlashDisks, and other readonly media to be used on any typical system. Sites can be scripted with PHP, Python, Java, or Perl and can be driven by MySQL or SQLite databases. All required software programs are designed to reside on the CD-ROM to avoid the need to install software on the user's computer. The Web serving core is based on Apache 1.3.x, and has additional functionality to detect and use free ports and automatically start a browser on each platform. Desktop applications can also be created with it.

Operating Systems

Recent releases

  •  13 May 2014 16:54

    Release Notes: This release adds a package of Portable Firefox 29.0 for Windows with support for HTTP over named pipes. It adds support for running as a service on Windows and Mac. It implements special support for computers with Windows that have no MSIE installed. Various minor improvements have been made.

    •  23 Oct 2013 18:54

      Release Notes: Fixes remaining problems with the Apache2-based core on Windows with support for HTTP over named pipes. The CDInspector tool has commands for Restarting Prototype and Restarting protototype faking first run. CDInspector now detects common configuration problems and developer's mistakes and suggests how to resolve them. Other minor improvements have been introduced.

      •  23 Jul 2013 14:15

        Release Notes: This release adds support for Compressed Web Runtime. This technology makes startup time from CD/DVD the same as startup time from HDD on Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux. The latest version of the IonCube loader has been integrated, and now supports loading encoded PHP files produced by IonCube Encoder v8. Various minor improvements have been made.

        •  02 Apr 2013 19:11

          Release Notes: Now Apache 2 for Windows shipped with SAWS also supports HTTP over named pipes to avoid firewall warnings. Packages of Portable Firefox for Windows have been updated: the GUI no longer locks while the browser is waiting for the server's response over a named pipe. Minor improvements have been introduced.

          •  20 Feb 2013 14:48

            Release Notes: This release supports working off network drives on Windows without mounting them (UNC paths, i.e. using \\server\share as a path). Packages of Portable Firefox have been updated; now they don't prompt the user to install system-wide Firefox extensions (like those installed by antiviruses) on the first run of the CD/USB. Various minor improvements have been made.


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