Comments for Studycard Studio Lite

20 Mar 2006 19:11 dharbigt

Not good for foreign scripts
Despite the claims made on the website about foreign

language support, the support for this product is lousy.

Worldtext is obsolete and anyone using updated versions of

OS X will have lots of problems with foreign language text if it's

in a non-Latin alphabet. This is because the author (despite

promises to the contrary) is not interested in adding Unicode

support to this product.

I bought the full version hoping to support the author so that

he would continue to work on this project, but there hasn't

been an update for quite some time, and even then, the

support seems to be primarily for PalmOS, which is of no use

to me.

- Cutting and pasting from Safari or TextEdit or other

applications doesn't work

- Centering and other formatting doesn't work properly

- Import for Unicode files is not available

- Unicode export doesn't include the entire card text and is


- Cards shared with a friend (who also bought the full version)

come up garbled and useless

I've specifically had problems with Chinese, Hebrew and

Russian. The Hebrew I can understand, but as far as the

other products, the author has been apathetic and/or


If you're learning a romance language or German or

something other than foreign language, this product has an

excellent featureset and works well with only occasional (but

frustrating) crashes. I'd recommend this software highly if it

lived up to its advertisement as an excellent foreign language

teaching aid. The fact is, that it is a frustrating foreign

language teaching aid for foreign scripts.


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