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Strip is a password and account management program for the Palm Computing Platform. Designed to fit the needs of both IT professionals and the average user, it combines ease of use with flexibility and security. 128 bit encryption ensures that even if your Palm Pilot is lost or stolen your important account and password information will remain confidential. Strip has a quick and easy to use interface, with many useful features including the ability to beam shared accounts to other Strip users.

Operating Systems

Recent releases

  •  30 Oct 2006 16:58

    Release Notes: Strip 2.0 has many improvements, including a completely redesigned user interface that looks more like standard Palm applications, access to account information with fewer clicks, improved compatibility with recent OS versions and Treo devices, support for navigation on newer Palm devices using the 5-way button, and numerous bug fixes and issue resolutions.

    •  21 Aug 2001 06:05

      Release Notes: Strip now uses 256 bit AES encryption, and SHA-256 bit message digests. New features include the ability to store account metadata, S/Key OTP (md4 and md5) support, additional beaming options, improved security time-out, user selectable field names, additional storage space, the ability to save state on application exit, and improved searching. This version also fixes the security vulnerability in the random password generator. All Strip users are encouraged to upgrade.

      •  04 Jan 2000 23:15

        Release Notes: This version fixes some bugs and has many new features. Strip is now fully searchable using the Palm's find utility, and a new Preferences screen has been added that allows you to modify the sort and display orders of account information. Beaming of an entire category is now supported. It now remembers your password echo-off, password generation and account display preferences between runs. The UI has been improved, and a configure script is included in the distribution. The older 3-way version is now replaced by a DES version that is totally free and exportable. The Strip Crypt-Switch utility now does 6 different conversions between Idea, DES, and 3-way.

        •  16 Aug 1999 22:46

          Release Notes: Most importantly Strip now has a screen that can generate random passwords (numeric, alphanumeric, and alpha numeric w/ meta characters) if you are tired of thinking up new ones or you are paranoid. Also changed account view interface so that the notes button only shows up if you have notes.

          •  22 Jul 1999 07:54

            Release Notes: Now you can get even stronger encryption by using Strip. A new 0.3 distribution uses the 128 bit Idea cipher (the same algorithm used in PGP). A new 0.3 96 bit 3-way version is also available, as well as Strip Crypt-Switch, a utility that will convert your existing Strip databases to the stronger Idea cipher(and visa-versa), so you dont have to re-enter any accounts if you upgrade. Both 0.3 versions also have improved memory wiping and a few bug fixes.

            Recent comments

            01 May 2002 14:52 yazz

            Why everyone should uses Strip
            * 256 bit block encryption of all databases(Uses the new AES algorithm).

            * Beam accounts and categories to other Strip users! This is a useful feature in distributed system administration environments.

            * User definable Account list display and sort order.

            * Strip is now the only account manager for PalmOS with a fully integrated S/Key One Time Password (OTP) calculator.

            Strip v1.0 is the app that I use the most on my Visor. The OTP feature gets used alot. Its one of the few tools OK'd buy our company security practices to store your S/Key OTP information.

            I also can keep old system passwords separate by just creating a new category
            and moving them there. Never know when you might need that old root password.


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