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Str is a C++ string class that is easy-to-use and efficient. Performance of common operation is usually in the area of 100% faster than the standard C++ string class. The Str class has minimal outside dependencies, is implemented as a single source file, and is designed to be user-customized. It also makes it simple to allocate fast Stack-based strings with automatic overflow protection. (When the stack buffer is exhausted, buffer memory is automatically reallocated on the heap. Memory cleanup is automatic.)

Operating Systems

Recent releases

  •  05 May 2007 22:26

    Release Notes: Benchmarking results were added to the documentation that compares Str, char*, and the standard C++ string class in typical string parsing operations. A STR() macro was added to simplify the creation of stack-based strings. The [] operator was changed to getChar() and putChar(). This cleans up compiler warnings when using non-int types for index variables.

    •  14 Oct 2006 08:22

      Release Notes: Some bugs that affected Windows were fixed, including a bug in format() that would cause a single-character buffer overflow when the string was exactly 64 characters in length. The format of some pointer dereferences that were causing problems using Visual C++ 6.0 with high optimization settings were fixed. Lower optimization settings and GCC work fine with either format.

      •  28 Jul 2006 08:12

        Release Notes: A bug in format() under Win32 was fixed. If the resulting string was exactly 64 characters in length, extra characters could appear in the data. Linux was not exposed to this bug and was not affected by this change. The copyRange() example in documentation was fixed.

        •  05 Jul 2006 06:13

          Release Notes: const was added in a few places. "default_bit_mask" was removed from static class space. It was showing up in debugger windows and was annoying to look-around. The same data is now initialized inside the function that needs it.

          •  01 Jul 2006 04:50

            No changes have been submitted for this release.


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